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About CIK Sri LankaThe emerging of the “Conserve Indigenous Knowledge ” (CIK – Sri Lanka) is the attempt of a seventh generation young Traditional Sinhala Medical Physician jointly with A group of development practitioners, researchers and social workers having abiding interest in Collecting, protect, conserving and regenerating of the speedy disappearing indigenous knowledge and practices still existing in Sri Lanka.

The Mission of the CIK - Conserve Indigenous Knowledge is to empower population groups in rural and urban areas in gaining access to collecting, understanding, exploring , preserve and demonstrate the potential contribution and utilization of indigenous Skills, knowledge and information for the capacity building and socio-economic development of various communities.

“Conserve Indigenous Knowledge” is a non-governmental, non-profit organization registered in Sri Lanka under the social services Act No; 31 of 1998 to perform several rural economic development and social services for the empowerment of the disadvantage and under privilege owners of such indigenous knowledge in rural areas of Sri Lanka.

Presently CIK working towards effectively protecting, managing and conserving indigenous knowledge and rich cultural heritage for the benefit and appreciation of all people in Sri Lanka.

During past few years CIK involved in exploring and incorporating indigenous knowledge and local practices into contemporary development programs. Throughout these years, CIK has been promoting and presenting the significance of local and indigenous knowledge in development initiatives as well as in the empowerment process of local and indigenous communities through sustainable application. Since its inception CIK has been working in the fields of Herbal medicine, Agriculture. Environment and biodiversity conservation with utmost commitment and purpose. CIK also act as a clearing house for collecting, compiling, documenting and disseminating information regarding indigenous knowledge on traditional medicine and health systems, agriculture, natural resources management, food systems, and arts and crafts; Presently CIK is developing its strategies to conduct inter-disciplinary research on indigenous knowledge systems and the transfer of indigenous knowledge systems, and initiate a long term effort to promote the exchange of such knowledge within Sri Lanka and with the outside world;

Presently,“Conserve Indigenous Knowledge" is the proud owner of a forest land of 20 ha located at the North Central province close to the heritage city of Anuradapura. This block of forest land having rich biodiversity consist of large number of valuable medicinal herbs and several species of underutilized food crops which can use to address the issues relating to the community health and food security throughout the world in future.

CIK already taken initial steps to develop a fully equipped resources center to conduct awareness and educational workshops, enhances the knowledge and skills need to facilitate the protecting, conservation and conducting research on Indigenous Knowledge also to operates as the focal point of all programmes to disseminate Indigenous Knowledge throughout the world.

Conserve Indigenous Knowledge was established by Dr. Jayampathy Dissanayaka seventh generation Traditional Sinhala Medical Physician hails from a well-known family engaged in herbal medicinal treatments during past few centuries in Sri Lanka. For the work, of Dr. Jayampathy Dissanayaka and the CIK of nearly decades have received numerous awards including Commonwealth Youth Award for conservation and Conservation Leader for Forest Medicinal Herbs.