Conserve Indigenous Knowledge
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka map

Goals & Objectives


  1. Enhance the capacity of indigenous communities scattered in rural areas in Sri Lanka , Conservation of traditional lifestyles and indigenous cultural practices by giving them economic value; and Establishment & development of a Fully -equipped Resource Centers for Indigenous Knowledge providing space for demonstration, exchanging & sharing of rural /indigenous practice, information on development while minimizing the external threats for extinction.
  2. Protect and preserve the rich biodiversity of Sri Lanka through measures which include ecosystem management, educational campaigns, promoting traditional cultivation, and sustainable use of medicinal plants and indigenous / neglected vegetable varieties & other food crops island wide

The broad objectives of the “Conserve indigenous Knowledge" are to:

  1. Document and archive the traditional knowledge systems in Sri Lanka
  2. Establishment and operating of a fully equipped Educational and Demonstration Center to facilitate the dissemination and revitalization of Indigenous Knowledge in Sri Lanka
  3. Explore deep structure of traditional knowledge subsystems
  4. Facilitate formalization of traditional knowledge
  5. Prepare an electronic database of traditional knowledge