Conserve Indigenous Knowledge
Sri Lanka

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Indigenous knowledge to Controlling Pests & Disease in Agriculture

Till this day, the Sri Lankan rural villagers and peasants have with them a precious store of information and data which has been passed on through generations for efficiently managing the limited natural resources and using them in an environmentally friendly way to control angricultural pests and dieases.

Today we talk very highly about, “Sustainable Agriculture”, which has become a phenominon around the globe. But our ancestors knew about such an agriculture since ancient times. The “Kem-Krama” (Rituals) got developed as one result of it. Speciality of these rituals was, they were either free from environmental pollution or they caused mimimum environmental pollution. Also for these rituals didn’t use non-renewable energy sources. And these rituals were developed using simple supplies that could be easily found in the surrounding environment.

Focusing research on thousands of fields worldwide that hasn’t caught the attention of anyone and collecting the traditional knowledge worldwide about pest and disease control for sustainable agricultural development and treading the path of the hand full of extremely experienced researchers, Conserve Indigenous Knowledge moves forward on this mission of a generation in this field.

Accordingly, collecting the information about the various different rituals for agricultural pest and disease control using supplies found in the surrounding environment which the ancients used and are still available undestroyed all over Sri Lanka and by focusing scientific research on it, Conserve Indigenous Knowledge actively contributes towards establishing worldwide food security.