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Traditional Sinhala Medicine in Sri Lanka

Traditrional Sinhala Medicine, based on Sri Lankan indigenous knowledge and rich Asian culture running through the country's extensive history, is a traditional system of medicine used for healing various types of diseases and ailments. Some of these Sri Lankan Sinhala Medicinal Practices are more advanced than Aurveda providing numerous benefits to the local population.

It is also a holistic system of healthcare suitable for anyone. In contemporary society, where healthcare is increasingly becoming expensive, people have become dependent on cost-effective biomedical technology to gain wellness and thereby reach happiness. They have begun to consider natural healthcare systems such as traditional Sinhala Medicine that are based on therapies inherited through ancient medical systems. As such, Sri Lanka has become one of the most preferred destinations for indigenous medical practices to attract tourist to the country, offering numerous options for wellness, and nature based tourism.

Traditional Sinhala Medicine cures diseases by maintaining the balance of biological forces through what are called purification, restoration, detoxification, pacification and vitalization of body humors. Then, once the human organs are stabilized in proper order, their natural functions become normal and well-balanced. In this way, most modern disorders such as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, catarrh, asthma, allergies, hyperacidity, psoriasis, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome and mental stress can be completely cured or controlled to a greater extent with improvements to overall health.

Food patterns and quality also play a vital role in Traditiomnal Sinhala Medicine . These traditional practitioners impose restrictions on unwholesome food items and recommend wholesome ones in treating a variety of ailments. There are medicinal food that has a very high value not only nutritionally but also in terms of its health characteristics. According to traditional food can nourish, heal and protect one's body as well as provide complexion, immunity, strength, pleasure and happiness. Biogenic factors in all natural food sources are significantly high and traditional medical practices prescribe proper culinary methods for preserving the quality of food. Thus, basic nutritional values are attributed to Ayurvedic food and their active ingredients that support the immune system and the metabolic process of the body towards a healthy life.

Meditation is another important component practiced in Sri Lanka traditional medicine. It is believed to be a scientifically proven technique in preventative mental healthcare. Meditation therefore is recognized as an important practice in maintaining overall health. Anyone can achieve a positive physical and mental status through a simple meditation process practiced daily in a very calm and quiet atmosphere to get the maximum benefit. Meditation will support people who are less active, to regain lost vigor and feel enthusiastic in their day-to-day activities. Specific meditation techniques depending on various life situations are applied for better mental and physical health.